Eat your greens!

A couple of things happened to me today that made me stop and think!

1. I saw that cadburys are launching a white chocolate creme egg and if you find one you win a prize

2. I really craved vegetables

Why did these 2 things make me think, and how are they related? Well when I was younger I loved creme eggs! I could have eaten loads! I’ve enjoyed them less and less as I’ve grown up to the point that I don’t eat them now. And when I saw that picture today I felt actually really adverse to it! As for vegetables, I didn’t really eat them and I definitely didn’t enjoy them as a child. I liked peas, and maybe carrots. And I tolerated other things because I knew I should eat them. Now I genuinely love vegetables, in all colours and varieties. I’ve not been eating my usual diet over Christmas, and today I needed some colour again.

So this got my thinking, well it confirmed something I knew anyway really. If my children don’t like their vegetables and if I get sick of hearing them ask for ANOTHER chocolate coin, they are not necessarily always going to want to eat like this. So I’ll carry on giving them the skills to know how to cook, and setting a good example, and I’m sure one day they will come round to it! So more important than getting my diet back to normal in January, I’m going to get the boys cooking with me again. It’s easy to skip over these things when it’s busy, but I need to remember how important it is! I’m not one for New Years resolutions, but this has to come close!

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