The ABC of

A is for Avocados, just one of the fruits on our list

B is for Bread; organic, fresh, not to be missed

C is for Customers, for whom we deliver a feast

D is for Doves farm, selling flour and cereal and yeast

E is for Eco friendly, like the cleaning products we sell

F is for Freshly roasted coffee beans, to stop early morning hell

G is for Granola, showing us what local really means

H is for Hodmedods, British grown grains, pulses and beans

I is for Italian; pastas, infusions and oils

J is for Jams & preserves, the enjoyment never spoils

K is for Ketchup, without it measures get drastic

L is for loose vegetables, because why do we need so much plastic?

M is for My Bakery, where I hear ‘more lemon drizzle please?’

N is for Neneview; from whom we source local and yummy goats cheese

O if for Olives, perfectly marinated by Silver & Green

P is for Peanut butter; so tasty pure and clean

Q is for Quickly delivered to your door, packed carefully for no harm

R HAS to be for Radmore, where it all started at our own lovely farm

S is for Snacks; crisps, bars, chocolates and nuts as well

T is for Tigernut, just one of the range of dairy free milks we sell

U is for Unbelievable…we’re about to start stocking fresh fish

V is for Vouchers codes which we send out so that you can spend how you wish

“Code ‘JAN18’ gets you 10% off in January when you shop online”

W is for Why not? Give us a go for you shopping or even an office treat day?

X is for X-tremely easy, choose a time slot and PayPal makes it easy to pay

Y Is for Your feedback, if we don’t hear from you, you will be missed

Z is for Zonked, how I feel after writing this list!

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