The medicine of the past

Fresh air is magic. When I was really little I remember my great aunts that also lived on the farm telling me that ‘you need fresh air in your lungs’! They used to walk around the fields everyday to get their dose, come rain or shine!

I also remember my Dad telling us if we were a bit under the weather to get outside because it always makes you feel better. None of this ‘wrap up warm and go back to bed’, oh no! And however much I didn’t want to go outside on a day I felt rubbish, it always did make me feel better.

Well now science has caught up, as it very often does, and has proved in numerous ways how we benefit from the outdoors; with vitamin D exposure, with exercise and movement benefits and it can even ease the symptoms of depression, to name a few.

So today, when I had 2 grotty children who both have snuffles, coughs, aren’t sleeping and are generally in bad moods…what should I do? Well let’s just say there was no moaning and groaning or mention of a cough and cold when we got to Salcey Forest! Smiles all round and lungs full of fresh air!

Ps- if you’re wondering about Paddington, he is on holiday with us from Arthur’s pre school and he loves the tree tops and fresh air!

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