Chicken, Pepper & Spinch Loaded Omelette

I ran a little poll yesterday about the types of meals people were interested in seeing recipes of. The 3 categories with the most interest were; healthy and balanced meals, followed by meat and fish based recipes and meals on a budget.

So today’s recipe ticks all the boxes, with the added bonus that it’s quick to make and uses one pan. You do need a good quality non stick pan though, or you might end up with an eggy mess!

We are often at home at lunchtime, so omelette is always in our lunch meal rotation (let’s face it, we are never short of eggs), but the great thing with omelettes is they work equally as well for breakfast or dinner. We love them because they are a good source of protein, you can load them up with loads of veg and they fill you up!


Ingredients (per person):

Good non stick pan

Drizzle rapeseed oil (or spray oil for lower fat)

150-200g chicken breast (you can replace this with left over roast chicken to be extra budget friendly)

Half a large red pepper

2 loaded handfuls spinach

2 free range eggs

50ml milk

Sea salt and pepper

How to make it tasty:

1. Heat the pan with the oil over a high heat, cut the chicken into thin strips and season and add to the hot pan, stir fry until browned all over (if using left over roast chicken, add with the peppers).

2. Add the pepper, cut into thin strips, and continue to stir until softened and the chicken is cooked through (or thoroughly reheated if using roast chicken).

3. Add the spinach (washed) and turn through the mixture until just starting to wilt. Empty all of the mixture out of the pan into a separate bowl and put to one side. Put the pan back on the heat, and add a drop more oil if needed.

4. Reduce the heat to medium, and whisk the egg and milk together with a good pinch of sea salt and pepper. Tip into the bottom of the pan  and shake gently to level. When the mixture looks like it’s starting to set at the edges, run a fish slice around to lift it slightly. When it’s starting to look like it’s setting all over, with just a slight ‘wobble’, scatter over the cooked chicken, pepper and spinach mix. Leave for a few seconds until the egg is cooked and the chicken mixture has warmed with the egg.

5. Serve immediately. We love it with a leafy side salad and a dollop of smoked hummus!








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