My kitchen wouldn’t run without this…

When you think about the “must have” ingredients in your kitchen, you maybe think of onions, or chillis or rice. Maybe it’s garlic, or stock, or spices. But there has become one ingredient above all others, that our lives would feel desolate and empty without. What is this wonder ingredient? Meridian crunchy peanut butter!

There is always a 1kg tub open on our counter top, and when it’s gets to half way down we promptly order the next one (luckily we have an awesome farm shop that delivers to our door, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it, Radmore Farm Shop)😉

Our whole family love it, and it’s rare to have something that pleases everyone. So we have the standard peanut butter toast and sandwiches, but it’s sooo much more than that. We have it in our overnight oats, we add a little to porridge, we use it for sauces, we bake with it, we top pancakes with it. It’s a little indulgence that gets you through the day when you need a quick snack, and it’s a great ingredient in no sugar/low sugar bakery. We particularly love to use it in banana & oat cookies and in Quinoa bars. We have made some cracking peanut butter muffins too. It’s the wonder food in our house. What’s the wonder food in your house? Do you love peanut butter too?


Buy it here!

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