Eat, Cambridge!

We do a lot of stalls and stands at different fairs and markets to sell our online store. But sometimes it’s really lovely to go along as a customer. And there is no better event to attend as a customer than Eat Cambridge. It’s like a social trip to catch up with old friends, meet like minded people and eat some amazing food along the way! And yes, we swore we were “just popping in” but of course, we came home with arm fulls!

What struck me this year was how many of these amazing local business’ that we stock in the shop, that we connect with on social media, that we eat and sell the produce of, that we email and call…that I had never had the chance to actually meet in person!

So here’s the highlights of the lovely stalls we saw, firstly the ones that we already had connections with!

– Sugar Smart

Lovely to be presented with Sugar Smart as we walked in. We love what these guys are doing and they had a great game where you could match up how much sugar was in different products, and see that amount of sugar weighed up in a bag! Very eye opening, even to someone who thinks they are clued up about food like me! It reminds me that a treat is a treat! Even better they had a competition whete giving away a “just add recipe” box from none other than Radmore Farm Shop!

-BeeBee Wraps

This is a product we started selling in the shop earlier this year and it’s been a great addition to our “eco-corner”; the reusable bees wax wrap. It was great to see all the different patterns and designs laid out on their stall, they are so beautiful.


– Cambridge Sustainable Food

A cause very close to our hearts and lovely to see them represented at Eat Cambridge.

-Que Rico Tapas

We have known Estefania for ages, and she often uses meat from Radmore in her dishes. She’s a born chef and it was lovely to see what tapas she had on offer at Eat Cambridge.

– The Gourmet Brownie company

We started selling these in the shop only about a month ago. They make us pre-packed signature brownies and flapjacks. But the best thing about seeing them at an event, the layered brownies! These are seriously Chunky and a serious treat!


– Allotment

We get Katie’s beautiful bread in the shop every Saturday, and it was the first time I was lucky enough to meet her! She really does know her stuff.

– Olive Olive

We love the Olive oil that these guys sell, and not to mention their halloumi. They have been firm favourites in the shop for a long time now.

– Asado Sauces

Another new one to is in the shop but one we are really excited about. Wonderfully flavoured South American sauces that are made from all natural ingredients in Cambridge. They were tasting a new sauce at the show, which was Korean inspired and very tasty indeed!


-Hot Numbers Coffee

We sell the hot numbers coffee beans in pre packs. What more can I say apart from Ben couldn’t survive without it?!


And now for the things we loved tasting!

* Ali’s Baltic Bakes*

I have to question if the event really happened if I didn’t go home with a box of Piragi! These little Baltic dough pies are a real treat. Ali makes them with both sweet and savoury fillings, and the sweet filling in particular change with the seasons. They are a real delight!



We love this shop on Mill Road. It stocks a lovely range of quality produce, as well as deli options. We bought some tasty tahini chocolate from then at Eat Cambridge! Really different and not over-sweet.

*White Cottage Bakery*

It’s the first time I’d seen white cottage bakery, and we bought 2 different loaves, both were delicious, very nicely flavoured! I’ll see if I can hint to Ben to buy me a bread making course with them for my birthday!


*Hum Closen*

Cheese mania! What a fantastic selection. I had to contain myself, and managed to only leave with some Brie and some welsh hard cheese. It was hard to to leave with some of everything!

*Ely Fudge Company*

We got the children (ahem, I didn’t eat any I promise) some fudge. It was delicious, very high quality and creamy. Not that I’d know on account of not eating any, of course!

*Cambridge Wine School*

Great to see Matt and Cambridge Wine School there!


It was a lovely event, sorry I couldn’t name everyone! Now you see why it took us so long to get around all the stalls! Well done to Heidi White for organising it all; it shows us just how happening the Cambridge food scene is, and I can’t begin to imagine how hard it must be to pull together an event of this scale! Well done!

3 thoughts on “Eat, Cambridge!

  1. It was good to see you and Ben and meet the boys. Thanks for popping by Ali’s Baltic Bakes. I had a lot of fun helping out Alison that day. I agree, her Piragi are delightful. Glad you got some bread from White Cottage Bakery as they sold out fast! You will have to try Helen’s Cambridge Buns next time… better than Chelsea buns 🙂

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