Overnight Oats for blissful breakfasts!

Overnight oats have transformed my life! I’m sure if you follow my Facebook page you have noticed my obsession. I posted a pic of it once and a couple of people commented asking for the recipe, since then it’s the recipe that I have been told has been tested out the most (and enjoyed might I add). I have had dozens of people telling me they have tried it and loved it, all with their own twist, which is a huge benefit of this recipe. And I’ve never actually written the recipe up, this is all from a Facebook comment! Until now that is…


So why do I love them so much?

1. Well they are tasty, which has to be number one other wise I wouldn’t keep coming back!

2. They are versatile. This is a base recipe which you can enjoy on it’s own, but you can add so much other stuff to, for a different variation every day.

3. They are a massive time saver. I know I’m not the only one that’s super rushed in the morning. Having something ready prepared that you can just pull out of the fridge, grab a spoon and tuck into… is beyond amazing. Also you can make several days worth up at once. So a few minutes effort one evening buys you several ready made breakfasts.

4. They are healthy. With no refined sugar, and made all with filling Whole foods makes them a winner on the nutrition front! And I’m definitely not hungry again until lunch time.

5. The kids can help make it. It’s basically just stirring so it’s a great thing to get them to help with. If I remember to make it before their bed time that is. And they now ask if they can have some of mine every morning too. I don’t think it will be long and I’ll be converting these coco pop and weetabix fiends and making them their own pots of oats.


6. I have time to drink more. I’m guilty of not drinking much water in the morning, but not having to make a breakfast buys me time to make sure I’ve had a drink. Sometimes I even squeeze in a cup of tea!

IMG_2597The recipe:

As I said before, this recipe is a base. It’s great on its own, but it can also be added to, with loads of other combinations of fruit, nuts, seeds, spices. I’ve listed some of my faves below but I’d love to hear yours.
This makes 6 portions (although ben eats 2 at once).

2 bananas
2 tbsp meridian crunchy peanut butter
4 tbsp chia seeds
3 tbsp honey (not necessary if you don’t have a sweet tooth, or if you’re adding sweet fruits; it’s naturally fairly sweet anyway)
2 cups jumbo rolled oats (I use a child’s cup)
2 heaped tablespoons natural Greek yoghurt
3 cups oat milk (can use any milk)

It’s so easy:

Mash the bananas, and then mix all the rest together and then put into tubs in the fridge until morning. I make enough for a few days at once.

Some of my favourite variations, some that I’ve tried and some that others have tried and recommended to me.

1. Take out some of the honey and add some cinnamon

2. Add a chopped pear and some chopped walnuts

3. Add a tbsp of cocoa powder, and the juice and zest of an orange (use a little less milk to compensate for the orange liquid)


4. Add some cacao nibs and chopped hazelnuts

5. Add some grated apple, cinnamon and pecans

6. Top with fresh raspberries and blueberries

7. Add some chopped strawberries and sunflower seeds


8. Add some chopped apricots and flaked almonds

9. Add some raisins and cashews

10. Make in a nutri bullet for extra smoothness

Do let me know if you’ve tried it and what your favourite variations are. Happy stress free mornings!


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