Back to square one!


Yep, that’s how I feel today! And this face sums it up! When you run a small business you have to know (or pretend you do at least) a little about a lot of topics…

Let’s dig a little further into that…

what we love is food, and producing it. Of this subject, we know a lot. It’s our passion, it’s our life, it’s what we choose to do to support ours and our families future. We are well practiced in making food, experimenting, refining a recipe, taking it to our audience, and rolling it out. We are also immersed in the world of other business like us and have gotten to be pretty savvy at choosing other businesses that are food experts too, whose produce sits nicely within our range and would appeal to our customers.



BUT to do this we have to know a bit about health and safety, hygiene and management systems, employment law, insurance, bookkeeping, tax, banking and finance to name just a few!

Once you’ve “sort of” got around these issues and are running your business, you need to work out how to get out to more customers. So you may well do what we did today and start doing some courses to help to market yourself. Today’s was digital marketing. And like the title suggests, I am mind-blown and realise I know NOTHING! Yes, I did a degree in marketing, at a highly respectable business school. Yet, still I know nothing. But cut me some slack, when I did that degree it was 2003 I relied on dial-up, and I hadn’t even heard of Facebook, and what the heck is snapchat?! To be fair I still don’t know the latter! So today was eye-opening to say the least, and here’s to the rest of the journey of me learning that I have a lot to learn! World, Radmore Farm Shop is coming to find you…once I’ve worked out what CRM means, and what SEO is, and what a SERP is, and a GMB listing. Oh and a H1 and H2 tag. And a bumper ad…

Maybe I should go into the “need a cold drink” industry! 😂

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