How to eat well in a heat wave…

It’s so hard to know how to shop in the summer, because when it’s hot you never know what you might fancy, if anything! This is what I always have at home to help us through the heatwave that us Brits are so unaccustomed to.

1. Juicy fruit!

Because sometime you just need the refreshment. Especially if you can eat it straight out of the fridge. And when it’s reeeeally hot, some juicy berries and yoghurt suffice just fine as a meal without having had to cook!




2. Lean protein and salad

Chicken, fish or lean beef with a seasonal mixed salad is a pretty perfect meal at this time of year. It’s quick to make, nutricious and not too heavy. All you need to make it perfection is…



3. A good sauce!

Be it hummus, a nice dressing or a tasty marinade. The plainest of meals can be made exciting and delicious with a good sauce, without any standing at a hot stove needed! I would say that if you invest in good quality sauces made with “real” ingredients they go a lot further, so it’s a good investment!


4. Free Range Eggs

An all year round favourite but you appreciate just how amazing they are in the summer. Versatile, which is just what you need when you are in an “I don’t know what I fancy” sort of mood. Filling, yet not heavy. And very quick to prepare!


5. Bread/rolls/wrap/flatbreads

Because if you can wrap it up in bread, then it’s made for summer. A lot of the time I cut carbs down a lot in the summer as I don’t fancy them in the heat. Unless it’s bread. Bread is life in summer!


6. Ice lollies

Because I have children and value my sanity! I hope there’s some other parents with me here?!

7. Cake!

Tea and cake on a sunny Sunday afternoon. What a reason to be alive?!

8. Smoked Salmon

Or any meat or fish that are best when eaten cold, that can be served perfectly alongside salad, crusty bread, a nice dip, and most importantly can pack a flavour punch without any cooking!


9. Overnight oats

If you’ve ever read the blog before then you know I love my oats. But a hot sticky morning makes you really appreciate pulling a cold and refreshing breakfast straight from the fridge!


10. Homemade quiche

Because  if you are going to be eating one thing that is best served hot, quiche is that perfect thing to hit the spot in a heatwave!

And I’m sure, if all else fails, the fruit in a pimms and lemonade counts as a meal…surely?!

Stay cool!



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