“I will get time for loads more blogging” and other lies I told myself before the summer holidays!

Now I know I’m not the only one that sets themselves goals ahead of this huge 6 week expanse of time. And I’m also sure I’m not the only one that decides about one week in that most of it ain’t gonna happen. This for example, is my first blog post of the summer holidays. And the summer holidays is but a memory! I can only apologise! Here’s my roundabout of the rest of my biggest summer holiday fails!

1. I will have all my friends over for a BBQ

Ok, so this one never even got to the sending out a message to invite people stage. I settled on “I will meet up with all my friends individually”. Well with some of them (you know who you are) there’s not even a date we are all free till October! Oops! We all have young families and are all in the same boat.

2. Bedtime and our routine in general will not change

When I was putting the children to bed at 10oclock on the first day of the summer holidays, I couldn’t actually believe that I hadn’t lasted one day on this one. Summer is such a lovely time on the farm, with tractor and combine rides, and so much fun to be had. To fit it in before 7pm is never going to happen.


3. I will get school ready in plently of time

As my uniform order arrived the day before term started and I looked to the heavens and said “thank you!” I though to myself “I nailed this being organised thing!”

4. I will clean my whole house

Yeah that just didn’t happen.

5. I will get time for loads more blogging

Well as you know, that one didn’t happen. But as we start the new school term we also enter my favourite time of year for food, the autumn! I love everything about autumn food so the recipes will start coming your way again now! Here to kick things off is a mega awesome slow cooked braising steak chilli that Ben recently made for us! Thanks for the recipe Ben!


Diced Dexter Beef 500g
Onion- chopped as lazy as you like
Garlic -2 cloves
Tinned Tomatoes – organic 2 tins
Tomato purée – good few squeezes
Big Five Chilli paste- tea spoon
Green Sriracha sauce 1/2 bottle or 125ml approx
Paprika – tea spoon
Cumin- tea spoon
Kidney beans – 1 tin
Divine Dark chocolate- 30 g approx
Red wine 400ml
Beef stock cube
Water – 100ml approx


Brown onion and beef until caramelised
Add paste
Add paprika
Add cumin
Stir in to coat the beef.
Add water- this should stop it sticking.
Stir in. Once stirred in no particular order…
Add everything else
Stir in.
Simmer 3 or 4 hours and keep stirring- let it reduce. I promise it’s amazing.
Serve with rice or anything really.




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