“Got Drunk and Pulled” Pork

This is a great winter comfort feast! And it uses a cut we love, pork shoulder. It’s great value for money and the flavour is second to none. Get that slow cooker on!


Serves 4-5


1 x onion cut into big chunks

4x garlic cloves crushed

lemon thyme x few sprigs

800ml-1litre beer (any, we actually used lager)

Pork shoulder on the bone- 1.5kgs scored

salt and pepper

To make it delicious:

1. Put the pork into the slow cooker crock pot (on high for 4 hours, or on low for all day cooking). Put all of the other ingredients in and season well. Leave to do its thing.

2. An hour and a half before dinner, Preheat oven to 200oc. Take crock pot out of the slow cooker, make sure the pork skin is sticking out of the liquid (remove some liquid if necessary), and season the skin. Put into the oven for 1-1.5hours. This will give the very tender pork a lovely crackling.

3. Strain off the liquid, this can be made into a gravy by adding some cornflour and boiling. Or you can cheat and add some gravy granules to the liquid. Take the crackling off the pork joint and then pull that tasty pork apart!


4. We served with mashed root veg (swede and carrot), and steamed green veg (beans and broccoli), some of the chunky onions it cooked with and gravy. Yum!


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