No Coats and Sunshine!

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I really don’t know what to eat at this time of year! The suns out, we’re getting a bit of warmth and everyone has a bit bigger smile on their face…but it’s still February! We still have ages to wait till the first sight of asparagus meets our eyes and we are, with that, assured we can eat “spring” foods. Yet, even me (lover of all winter foods), has gone off of the slow roasts, casseroles and soups. They just seem too heavy for a bright sunny day!




So what are we eating? Well after my sourdough course there’s loads of bread, obviously! But also there’s tikka chicken with rice and veggies, flatbreads with chicken (or steak) grated carrot and salad and hummus, and flavoursome yet not too heavy curries. I also have on my current rotation bolognese, chilli and stir fries (made more hearty with addition of avocado). But I’d love some more inspiration!



I’d love your suggestions for how you deal with the changing seasons. Or what you fancy and don’t fancy in this strange transitional period. Or are you a “carry on with the slow roasts until we start getting peas and beans” kinda person?

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