Pork Chop with Creamy Pancetta, Shallot & Mushroom Sauce

This recipe comes with a story. One Sunday evening in lockdown back in mid May we started this meal off and then went for a lovely stroll around the fields.

Evening walk whilst our pork cooked

Upon coming home, finishing it and swiftly devouring it, I uttered “DELICIOUS! I must publish this recipe on the blog”. So I had the task set for the following morning. So why, I hear you ask, has it taken me until August to finally get on with it?

Well the following morning, instead of typing, I found myself in the pool. The birth pool that is. Welcome baby Emma Melvina.

Baby Emma, at home and just a few hours old!

So finally getting my head on straight and back to that pork…

Slow cook a seasoned pork chop or loin steak in the oven for a few hours on a low temperature, with a cup full of water, a couple of crushed garlic cloves and some garden herbs.

When the pork is cooked, use a good quality frying pan. Gently fry pancetta cubes and chopped shallots until the shallot is soft and golden and the pancetta is crispy. Add sliced chestnut mushrooms and stir until golden. Add the cooked pork into the pan to reverse sear the outsides, once golden on one side then turn over and pour in a cup full of double cream and simmer until the cream thickens. Season well. Serve with plenty of seasonal green veg.

So there it is, an alternative to a hot curry or raspberry leaf tea for those ladies to try that want to speed along the baby arriving! 🤣 Or maybe it was that long walk while it cooked 🤔?

Here we are back strolling in the same field exactly one week later…

Still enjoying her walks a couple of months on.

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