What’s toad in the hole?

I realised this weekend that I’d failed as a mother! I invest a lot of time and effort into making sure my children know where there food comes from, they understand the importance of animal welfare and sustainable farming. I make sure they understand the basics of putting together a meal and the heritage of local and traditional foods. I think a good foundation of knowledge of ingredients, confidence with food prep and appreciation of the history and talents of the great home cooks of the past that paved the way for us is key to a healthy and sustainable future. So imagine my horror when my 8 year old casually enquired “what’s toad in the hole?” WE. NEED. TO. FIX. THIS! I don’t know whether it’s because when he was younger he was quite suspicious of foods he didn’t know and he didn’t like to have foods mixed together, which took this dish off my radar. But it changes now!

So instead of Sunday roast we had Sunday toad in the hole, or frog in a bog to some! With roasted butternut, mash and green veg, and loads of gravy! Even the toddler who is suffering with some tooth pain found the squishy middle of the Yorkshire to be just what the doctor ordered!

What classic dishes have fallen off your radar and been joyfully rediscovered? I’d love to know!

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